Tort Defense

Herzfeld + Rubin is well-known among its peers for its superior handling of sophisticated tort and personal injury litigation and has earned a reputation over 70 years as a premier firm of aggressive advocates. We have extensive experience in defending multinational and local companies in lawsuits arising from allegations of negligence, including claims of catastrophic personal injury and property damage. Whether these claims are grounded in premises liability, construction site accidents, employee negligence, or the like, our approach is always geared towards identifying risks, eliminating surprises and minimizing exposure. We work closely with respected experts in the fields of medicine, accident reconstruction, fire safety, OSHA compliance, and building code requirements – to name a few – in order to tailor a successful defense. 

We have vigorously and successfully defended our clients and their interests throughout state and federal courts in New York and New Jersey. We are often retained early on, even before a lawsuit is commenced, in order to conduct effective investigations of the scene, interview witnesses, preserve vital evidence and retain experts, where appropriate, in order to freeze the facts and mount a coordinated and cohesive defense. When appropriate, we also counsel our clients on cost-effective litigation resolution to minimize disruption to our clients’ business practices and avoid possible adverse consequences.