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Herzfeld + Rubin has been synonymous with product liability defense for over 70 years. Our firm has an internationally recognized reputation representing both foreign and domestic automobile manufacturers and distributors in virtually every type of automotive products case, including cases involving vehicle stability/rollover, airbags and restraints, roof crush, seats and headrests, crashworthiness, body materials and structure, steering and handling, braking systems, engines, transmissions, fuel systems, electrical systems and control units, computer software, mileage recording systems, and other vehicle componentry. The firm currently serves as local counsel for many major automotive manufacturers and distributors in the defense of their product cases in New York and New Jersey.

The expertise of the firm goes well beyond the automotive field, and includes the defense of virtually every type of product sold in this country, including industrial machinery, power tools, pharmaceuticals, medical implants, paints and coatings, consumer, household, and toy products, and has successfully litigated cases in all of the state and federal courts in New York and New Jersey. The firm has worked with experts in the fields of engineering, medicine, biomechanics, fire analysis, and accident reconstruction in the defense of sophisticated products. Just as the range of products defended is varied, so too is the nature of the claimed injuries. In that regard, the firm has defended product cases where alleged injuries range from catastrophic injuries to soft-tissue damage.

Over the years, our firm has been at the forefront of the cutting legal issues in products liability, including personal jurisdiction, preemption, and Daubert, and has established governing law in the U.S. Supreme Court, Second Circuit Court of Appeals, as well as in all of the courts in the States of New York and New Jersey.

Our goal is to provide a vigorous, high-quality defense while preserving the hard-won reputation of our clients, all in a cost-effective manner. We have a proven track record as dynamic and highly prepared advocates at trial, mediation and arbitration, as well as in direct settlement negotiation. Our team also works closely with our appellate attorneys to ensure that the most effective defense is presented on behalf of our clients and to preserve all issues which may be ripe for appellate review.